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Affordable Gates That Compliment Durable Fences

There is more to gates and gate operators than just being a means to control an entryway. At Hercules Fence in Gainesville, Georgia, we consider them a necessary feature that completes fences by complementing their function and appearance.

Steel Gate

Elegant Entryways

At our company, we build gates and gate operating systems with the same dedication and precision as our fences. They can be used for residences and commercial establishments. On top of the added security that gates provide, they can be decorative, too. It all depends on the specific variety you select. We have two types of gates available:

Walk - This variety can be customized according to the customer's preferred size and design. Basically, they allow pedestrians to access to a specific area.

Drive - This type is built to allow vehicles access to another area. Although they are primarily designed for security, they can be decorative as well.

Advanced Gate Operating Systems

The use of advanced technology distinguishes our gate operating systems from others. The two most popular varieties are the swing and roll gates. There are three options for operating our gates:

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